The IPMA Project Excellence Baseline

IPMA's Project Excellence Baseline, 2nd Edition, is our foundation for guiding all aspects of project activities, resources, and people to excellence
across the project, program and portfolio. PEB is the result of a three-year effort completed in late 2015 by a global team of IPMA Member Associations and implemented with the 2016 Project Excellence Awards. Applicants for the 2016 Awards were each trained on and assessed against the new standard.

IPMA Project Excellence Baseline (IPMA PEB), aims at


  • Promoting competence in managing projects and programs complementing our other standards for individual competence (ICB) and organizational competence (IPMA OCB) in a triangular approach to excellence and success.
  • Unlike other standards, IPMA has moved away from the practice of allowing each project to decide what is in scope or not to a more normative approach to considering people as people, distinct from people as resources, supporting a focus on, not only the project at hand, but how people will progress across their careers to contribute more broadly to the organizations overall future success.
  • We also have intentionally included the issues of sustainability and environmental impact on the individual, the project, the organization, and other affected parties as a key factor to long term success.


Follow this link to the IPMA website. For control purposes and to prevent access by robots, you will be asked to enter your name, email address, and organization before being directed to the link to download the new PEB and start your journey to excellence in project planning, people selection, resource utilization, and much more.

From the PEB Introduction

After more than 20 years, it was time to update the IPMA Project Excellence Model to reflect new trends in project management, where factors such as sustainability and the environment are now much more relevant. For these reasons, IPMA decided not only to update the IPMA PEM, but also to create the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline® (IPMA PEB) of which the IPMA PEM is an essential part.

  • Project Excellence Model (PEM) in use for the annual IPMA Project Excellence Award competition since 2002.
  • Used in evaluating projects from different sectors and from different geographical regions, according to a standardized methodology and process.
  • The experience gathered form the IPMA international Project Excellence Awards process (over 110 finalists from over 20 countries worldwide between 2002 and 2016 demonstrates a
  • clear link between successful projects and having well-established project management methods in place.
  • Originally based on the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach and the EFQM model, we consider evidence of good management having an equal weight to evidence of results, and in which only results that are achieved through a conscious management effort can be scored.

The six most typical user groups of the iPMA PEB are:

  • Senior Management
  • Project, programme and portfolio managers, heads/managers of PMOs and PfMOs
  • Knowledge, quality and process managers
  • Researchers and educators (teachers, trainers)
  • Project Excellence Award trainers and assessors
  • Consultants

See the full PEB documentation for detailed descriptions of how the PEB contributes to the Project Excellence modelProject_Excellence_Baseline_Model.png