PRO Resources and Contacts

PRO Resources

The following resources are available to support PRO, our important Performance Rated Organization Standard:

Getting Started With PRO: The Standard is Free; the Benefits Are Priceless.

Many Project Management Offices (PMOs) have downloaded IPMA-USA's PRO Standard, and already benefiting from it. If you are serious about PM Performance Improvement, your organization may prefer to participate in one of our periodic trainings. The training sessions cover the details of the Standard, including the Assessor Guide, that identifies Performance Criteria for each Unit and Element. The training is valuable for professional assessors, who uses the standard as part of more-complex consulting assessments, or for those in-house experts, such as your PMO, who wish to benchmark and improve your organization's performance. Note that the training is not needed to download and apply PRO for an informal organization assessment.

Recognized Assessors Are Available Now

The professionals below participated in the PRO standard's development, and/or have attended our Recognized Assessor workshop.


William Duncan, PM Partners, Boston area; +1.781.354.8074
Dino Eliadis, DE, Inc. Tampa area, USA; +1.727.421.5579
Scott Freauf, Los Angeles area, USA; +1.805.795.1145 
Stacy Goff, ProjectExperts, Colorado area, USA; +1.719.488.3850
Brent Hansen, Salt Lake City area, USA; +1.801.573.9237
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., High Wire Projects, New York area, USA; +1.518.490.1750 
Tom Mochal, TenStep Inc., Atlanta area, USA; +1.770.795.9097

Many of the above Assessors also work around the World


Janie Pelletier, Canada; 514 916 3705
Christopher John Bragg, Kingdom of Bahrain; 97 33 386 3330
Rodolfo Orlando Casabonne, France; 33 97 518 0150
Julio Fuster Bragado, Spain; 34 91 315 8577
Beat Dietziker, Germany; 41 56 402 0256
Jorge Valdes Garciatorres, Mexico; 52 55 553 97004
Tomasz Andreasik, Poland; 48 22 646 9314
Marcin Guzik, Poland; 48 22 646 9314
Menno Valkenburg, The Netherlands; 31 64 941 7755
Enrique Ledesma, Ecuador; 59 32 352 0984

The above Assessors are part of the TenStep Inc. group.

PRO Performance Rated Organization Contact Information

PRO is a published Standard of IPMA-USA. It is a key part of our suite of standards and advanced certification offerings that work together to advance the practice —and performance —of Program and Project Management in the USA.

Other useful PRO contacts: