PRO is for Project-performing Organizations

PRO logoOver the last thirty years, our founders helped global project-oriented corporations to evaluate and improve their performance. We studied factors that improved effectiveness, communication, methods, and performance.

Seeking even better results, we also evaluated the many "Project Management Maturity Models" offered by other consultancies, accounting firms and professional associations.

We found them all to be "heavy," expensive, and most importantly, of little business benefit. Similarly, a study in Australia and New Zealand recently found much the same. No wonder one pm association is totally revising their offering!

So should you abandon opportunites for Project and Program performance improvement? Certainly not! While nearly everyone else is giving up on the promise, now is your opportunity to move further ahead of the crowd —by becoming a IPMA-USA Performance Rated Organization.

Introducing PRO

You know that if your resources are not properly applied, your organization is not "firing on all cylinders;" you are underperforming. And, the worst place for underperformance is in the disciplines for strategic change: project and program management.

What if you could…

  • Improve insight into all your initiatives that impact your organizational strategy.
  • Increase your ROI by more effectively applying resources across initiatives.
  • Enhance your chances of success by assuring management consistency on all initiatives.

Introducing PRO, the new standard for our Performance Rated Organization performance assessment standard. PRO is an easy to use, independent project management (PM) organizational standard that produces more useful results, at a lower commitment of staff time and cost of assessment, than other options.

At the same time, a PRO assessment helps you identify your greatest strengths and current gaps in organization PM performance. Armed with assessment results you can rapidly make more effective decisions that increase overall organizational performance.

Using PRO as a framework, you can evaluate the extent to which your organization consistently demonstrates the characteristics of successful project management by:

  • Identify gaps in current organizational PM performance.
  • Spend less staff time and dollars to complete an assessment.
  • Verify your PM Performance to others.
  • Improve your organization’s performance using powerful actionable assessment results.

The result is greater insight into your organization’s ability to execute projects that directly impact their strategy, and identifying where improvements can have significant impact in moving your vision forward.

If you are looking for a way to maximize your overall organizational performance, or to schedule an PRO Organization Assessment, contact contact our PRO team.

Maximize the Performance of ALL Your Organization’s Projects