PRO is for Consultants

Performance Rated Organization logoThe Performance Rated Organization standard is a Turn-Key Service that can help you Extend and Differentiate Your Business. 

You know it is tough in this economy.  If you’re not offering something unique to the market you just get lost in the noise.

What if you could…

  • Quickly position a new offering with your current clients to earn more business.
  • Immediately differentiate yourself from your competitors project and program performance improvement.
  • Gain instant recognition by working with an internationally recognized organization.

This could be yours by becoming a Performance Rated Organization (PRO) Recognized Assessor. A PRO Recognized Assessor role allows you to quickly ramp up your business and revenue, while adding valuable services to your customers.

Performance Rated Organization is our standard for organizational assessment of PPM (Project and Program Management) performance. It is easy to use, independent, and non-proprietary. It offers much more than the innumerable masses of onerous pm maturity models. It produces more useful results than other assessments, at a lower commitment of staff time and cost of assessment. It helps you and your client organizations identify their greatest strengths and current gaps in organizational PM performance. 

Armed with assessment results, your client organizations can rapidly make more effective decisions that increase overall performance. And, PRO is based on the factors that truly affect project team and organizational performance--it is not just another maturity model.

As a PRO assessor you apply a key part of our family of distinctive performance-oriented services for organizations, projects and individuals. PRO assessors gain the following advantages:

  • An additional value-adding offering for  your clients, target at the executive suite.
  • A copy of the PRO Assessor’s Guide, exposing the secrets of performance-based assessments.
  • Preferential consideration for enrollment in our PRO Assessor Training classes.
  • Complimentary enrollment in our Competence Enabler program.
  • Networking opportunities with other pm consultant organizations, enterprises that use PRO, and academic institutions.
  • Joining our fasttrack to improved project and program success, through higher pm performance.

As a result you will have more tools to quickly create opportunity for more revenue for your business.

Assessor Training Offered
The next Assessor Training is planned for early 2016. The two-day workshop covers all you need to begin marketing, assessing, and helping clients improve performance using the PRO standard. For details, contact us.

Who Should Become a PRO Recognized Assessor?

If you are part of a PM-related Consultancy or PM Provider, you will be especially interested in PRO. Even if you currently offer a proprietary PM assessment or a maturity model-based assessment, you can increase the services you offer your customers with the Performance Rated Organization standard.

How To Become a PRO Recognized Assessor

We offer two ways for Consultancies or individuals to become PRO Recognized Assessors
A. Attend our next Assessor Training, planned for early 2016. The two-day workshop covers all you need to begin marketing, assessing, and helping clients improve performance using the PRO standard. For details watch our website, or contact us.
B. Perform self-study, by taking the following steps:

  1. Download the PRO standard, and study it: Get the PRO Standard in MS Word docx format.
  2. Use the PRO standard in your own organization: Pick a group (or your entire organization) and use the standard to assess their opportunities for improved performance. This gives you a good start towards becoming a PRO. For internal use, this may be plenty of inspiration for you to implement performance improvement planning.
  3. For a richer, more comprehensive assessment, download the PRO Assessor Guide, which is now available to all: PRO Assessor Guide in MS Word docx format. This document provides a deeper range of questions to ask, to verify that you correctly assess each criteria in the standard. Study it carefully, to see how much deeper you can go with PRO assessment.
  4. Practice with the Assessor Guide in your own organization, perhaps in a different group than in step 2 above.
  5. Contact us with your summary results (we also welcome your suggestions for improvement of PRO). We will review your results and add you to our list of PRO consultants in our Competence Enabler program. 

PM Providers with offerings ranging from Portfolio Management, to Project/Program Management Offices, to Project Consulting will all use PRO to increase the effectiveness of all your other PM services. PM Tool Providers will find PRO to be the "missing link" that accelerates your market penetration and customer satisfaction.

PRO Recognized Assessors who become members of IPMA-USA's Competence Enabler program, adding still more value to your customers, as you help them develop their organizational and individual PM Performance Competence. To get on the PRO bandwagon, and become a Recognized Assessor before all the other languishing organizational PM "maturity model" assessors do, contact us. Few cons, all PROs!

Recognized Assessor: Such an PRO-fessional way to increase your services!