PRO is for Educators

PRO logoThe Opportunity: Universities, Deans, Professors, your students, and enterprises and government entities in your communities can benefit from PRO, the Performance Rated Organization project performance assessment standard. Developed by IPMA-USA, the US member association of the International Project Management Association, PRO is available NOW.

The Background

University leaders know that every organization in your community is trying to improve their performance, and successful projects are the best way to manage that type of organizational change initiative. And yet, far too many projects fail to achieve their intended benefits, in all practice areas, and all organizations. Ironic, that the discipline that should be most-powerful in enabling organizational performance improvement is not fully or properly implemented in most organizations.

One reason? Developing competent Project Managers is just a part of the solution. The full solution involves a more holistic assessment of every facet of the organization that touches upon project and program success. It also includes identifying the practices that support success, while highlighting and improving those that do not.

Organizational assessment has been a popular subject for over 30 years, with such breakthrough initiatives as the US Department Of Defense-mandated SEI-CMM (Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model, or more recently, CMMi). This initiative has been so successful that it has also spawned hundreds of "project management maturity model" assessments—few of which have done much to improve PM Performance.

Enter IPMA-USA, focused on improving organizational and individual PM Performance. We decided to play a key role to fill the gap in increasing the effectiveness of all projects. We launched a project to study the business needs, identified current options, evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of key offerings, then defined, designed and delivered a new US Standard for Performance Rated Organizations in project and program management.

Mutual Benefit

We see a range of opportunities for mutually beneficial involvement from Universities in improving PM performance :

  1. Use the PRO standard in advanced (Masters' program) classes to teach students how to perform organizational assessment of project management strengths. This can provide University outreach to your communities, equip students with an enriching experience, and help increase the economic potential of organizations in your circle of influence.
  2. Participate in the establishment or update of IPMA-USA standards for increased project and program success. One of the outcomes of our research: Success Measures too often focus on project-only measures, and fail to relate to longer-lasting organization benefits.
  3. Publish findings in mainstream media and juried Journals, and present at USA and World Congresses on project management, through IPMA-USA, and IPMA, at the global level.

Your Role

This is a unique opportunity for advanced collaboration between not-for-profit professional associations, Universities, and businesses and government agencies in your sphere of influence. You can provide clear economic benefits to organizations that wish to improve their project and program management performance, and their business results. All this, while providing a richer learning experience for your advanced-degree candidates, and adding a new arena for relevant research. You can participate in this program by contacting IPMA-USA. To get on the PRO bandwagon before all the others, contact us.

Add PM Performance Assessment as a new way to differentiate your curriculum!