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Events of Current Interest 

2016 Dialogue Webinar Series' Events; see our Dialogue Webinar Series page!
October 9-12, 2016, ICEC 2016 World Congress, in Rio de Janeiro. Call for papers ends Feb. 25. See you in Rio!
October 16-19 2016, AIPM National Conference, and IPMA Regional Conference; Sydney, Australia. See you there, Mate!

Recently Completed: 
April 10-12, 2016, IPMA Project Excellence Training Detroit, MI.
April 13-14, 2016, GPMC 2016: Globalized Project Management Competence! Southfield, MI. 

2016 IPMA-USA Dialogue Series; Join us again this year!

Dialogue Series WebinarsWe are bringing back our Dialogue series for the new year! Based on our Member Survey, our webinars are our most-preferred activities. The next few sessions include:

Apr. 20, Leveling the Field--Certification and Complexity. Why you need an Advanced Certification in project or program management; Bill Duncan
May 18, What do the Sustainable Development Goals Have to do With Project Management? Joel Carboni; Green Project Management

To register for our next event (seats are limited), and to see more details, see our 2016 Dialogue Webinar Series page!

Past News Items 

IPMA-USA Announces 2015 Election Results, Officers and Board of Directors

Colorado Springs, CO, 15 July 2015—IPMA-USA, the not-for-profit society dedicated to advancing the project management discipline in the United States and member of the International Project Management Association, announced its 2015 Officers and Board of Directors. The governing body of IPMA-USA is elected by its membership to serve three-year terms.

The following individuals have been elected to the board of directors (pictured left to right).


President: Joel Carboni, Ph.D., IPMA Level B®, GPM®
Vice President: Tim Jaques, PMP®
Director of Marketing: Stacy Goff, PMP®
Director of Education: Thomas Baumann, Ph.D.
Director of Standards: Meg Infiorati, Ph.D. 

IPMA-USA is the United States member association of IPMA, the International Project Management Association, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. IPMA-USA promotes global standards in competence-based certification while retaining local control and sensitivity to nation-specific customs and standards. Our Multi-Level competency based certifications, standards and programs are recognized worldwide.

IPMA-USA Supports the 2015 Resource Planning Summit

Resource Planning SummitThe Resource Planning Summit is always one of the USA's best PM events of the year. IPMA-USA has participated in these events six times in the last few years, and have always been impressed with the efforts of Dck Rutledge, Dean of the PM Conference world. Originator of the Project Leadership Conferences in the 1990s, others "went to school" on Dick's conferences, to discover the secret sauce of successful conferences.

As the Resource Planning Summit website states, this is the thought leadership event for those resource managers, Product Development and Financial executives and managers seeking cutting edge information on resource and capacity planning. The Summit will present the electrifying results being achieved by companies where resource planning formerly was a challenge. Each Summit has hands-on sessions, and a panel on overcoming the obstacles to implementation and professional speakers on team building and change management.

At the Summit's LinkedIn site, our friend and IPMA-USA member Terry Schmidt says, "You put on superb events, absolutely top notch, ever since you pioneered outstanding events in the Project management world. I look forward to meeting the many thought leaders who attend." Of course, Terry may be a bit biased: He is again delivering one of his unique presentations, this time covering Strategic Planning For Your Career and Life."

UT Dallas Call For Papers, Due March, 2015

Plan now to attend the next UT Dallas Project Management Symposium, in Dallas Texas. We have participated in four of the six events so far, and believe it to be one of the best regional project management symposiums in the country.

The conference is sponsored by the Graduate Program in Project Management at The University of Texas at Dallas, in cooperation with the PMI Dallas Chapter and PM World, Inc. Abstracts should relate to major issues faced by project managers in today's world. Abstracts are welcome on any topics related to project management; however of greatest interest are the following topics:

  • Identifying stakeholders; who are the stakeholders in your project?
  • Stakeholders' roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying and managing stakeholders' expectations
  • Successful communications with project stakeholders
  • Engaging stakeholders in the process
  • Identifying and engaging end-users
  • Working together with your stakeholders
  • Stakeholder accessibility
  • How to deal with negative stakeholders
  • Lessons learned

IPMA-USA strongly supports this event, and IPMA has been a featured participant, with a special keynote speaker for every year's event. Bonus: See the past event Keynote videos at the UT Dallas website.

checkmark May 2, 2012: Rest In Peace, Dr. Lewis R. Ireland

Dr. Lewis R. Ireland: Parent, friend, mentor, IPMA-USA co-founder, an inspiration to all who encountered him, and a gift to the practice of integrity in project management, passed away Wednesday, May 2, 2012. We grieve his passing, while celebrating his massive contributions to ourselves, members and friends, our practice, and to society.

We asked Lew's global friends and associates to post a rememberance for Lew; see the testimonies at our memorial page, Touched By Lew. In addition, please see our acclaim for Lew and his achievements in the Press Release below, written when we named Lew as our first IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow, just two months earlier.

checkmark IPMA-USA Names Two Honorary Fellows at the PPM Symposium, in Arlington, VA, March 5, 2012: IPMA-USA announced today, at the 2012 "Delivering the Promise" Project and Program Management Symposium. The two honored are Dr. Lewis Ireland, and Robert Youker. See the full Press Release.

LewDr. Lewis Ireland, IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow
As the new millennium loomed in the late 1990s, Dr. Ireland worked with a handful of volunteers to form a fresh, practitioner-focused voice to advance the effectiveness of project management and program in the USA.

Under Lew’s guidance, we registered as a not-for-profit corporation in April 2001, and “opened for business” three months later on July 4th, 2001.

In October of that year, Lew became IPMA-USA’s President, serving into 2009. During his 8 years as IPMA-USA President, he has steadfastly, humbly, and with great integrity helped us achieve ourmission: To improve PM performance competence and advance our practice, in the USA, and in the rest of the world.  See more about Lew's achievements at the Honorary Fellows page in our Members section.

YoukerRobert Youker, IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow
Long before helping found IPMA-USA, Bob Youker was a key contributor to the practice of project management. In addition to his long-term support of Project Management Institute, he was one the USA's original IPMA member. He served as a Director of IPMA from 1977 through 1988.

Bob participated, published papers and presented in IPMA Conferences from 1974 through the 2000s. He presented keynotes at several of them, and organized panels and workshops in others.

Through World Bank, Bob taught project management to thousands of project managers, construction managers and government officials in developing countries. His World Bank Curriculum for project management is used today by many colleges and universities around the World.

Bob introduced IPMA into dozens of government agencies and businesses all over the World, and in many cases, connected those agencies and businesses with IPMA leaders. As one of the founders of IPMA-USA, from our beginning, Bob insisted that we must align with IPMA. See more about Bob's achievements at the Honorary Fellows page in our Members section.

checkmark IPMA-USA PPM Symposium, March 5 in Arlington, to focus on "Delivering the Promise"
February 22, 2012; Colorado Springs, CO:
IPMA-USA President Stacy Goff noted today, in comments to DC area Federal Government agencies and contractors, that “competent and performing program and project managers (PPM) must be part of the solution to today’s economic challenges and budget cutbacks. Whether the need is to overcome the Federal deficit, improve program and agency performance, or to achieve more results using fewer resources, effective program and project management holds the key.”

Goff’s comments came up during discussions about the IPMA-USA PPM Symposium, “Delivering the Promise,” to be held in Arlington, VA on March 5, 2012. 

checkmark IPMA-USA Publishes Report on Federal FAC-P/PM Competency
February 18, 2011; Colorado Springs, CO:
IPMA-USA today announced the availability of a groundbreaking new report, "Federal Project Management: Understanding FAC-­P/PM and Competency." After more than a year of research, interviews and analysis, this report offers insight into the strengths and opportunities in the federal certification for Program and Project Management, FAC-P/PM.

"Federal Information Technology (IT) projects too often cost more than they should, take longer than necessary to deploy, and deliver solutions that do not meet our business needs." Peter R. Orszag OMB Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies June 28, 2010

All too often, we hear about federal projects gone awry. Whether it is cost overruns, extended timelines or unmet requirements, these projects represent millions of dollars in underperforming investments and waste. Increasingly, project manager competency is seen as a key contributor to project success.

To support the effective development of project and program managers, the Federal Acquisition Institute, under the auspices of the Office of Management and Budget, has implemented the Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM). IPMA-USA is pleased to provide federal leaders with an effective roadmap toward FAC-P/PM.

This engaging report, first of a series of IPMA-USA initiatives to help Move Government Forward, will help federal leaders and managers understand the requirements of FAC-P/PM, and support a cost effective roadmap for implementation. This report delivers crisp analysis and fresh new ideas that will propel agency certification programs forward to success.

Download This Report! Record your name and email address, and you will receive a link to download the report.

Why IPMA-USA Initiated This Study: To contribute to the strengthening of PM Performance in Government, just as we are doing for USA Corporations. IPMA-USA leads the USA's advancement in Program and Project Manger Performance with a PM Certification program that applies IPMA's (International Project Management Association) world-recognized and sought-after advanced Certifications of PM Competence. We offer a full suite of professionally-assessed, role-based certifications of Senior Program Managers, Program Managers, Senior Project Managers, and Project Managers.