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About the IPMA Journal (a.k.a. IJoPM)
ijopmThe IPMA Journal and IJoPM are our short names for the International Journal of Project Management, a periodic leading academic and research-oriented magazine with eight issues per year.

It contains juried articles reviewed by Academic experts and practitioners, is edited by academic "bright lights," and reflects the leading edge of research in Project and Program Management.

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  1. 2017 Price and Conditions of Sale
  2. Steps for Subscribing to the IPMA Journal
  3. See Journal Samples, Dispatch Dates, and Getting Help

1. 2017 Price and Conditions of Sale

IPMA-USA members in good standing (not expired) may subscribe to the International Journal of Project Management (a.k.a. the IPMA Journal and the IJoPM) at the special-discount IPMA member price.

Member subscribers receive the printed version of the IPMA Journal. Universities have access to the electronic versions, with access to back issues. This is based on the publisher's policies and long-standing practices.

The 2017 IPMA-USA member price is US $92, a discount of over 70% compared the publisher’s price for an individual subscription. Note that this reflects a minor publisher increase in costs over the 2015 subscription. IPMA-USA does not treat IJoPM as a profit center, instead, falling short (by a bit) of covering our full costs.

Please note that:            

  • Journal subscriptions are optional; they are not included with IPMA-USA dues.
  • Subscriptions are based on a calendar year and include any back-issues for that year (no partial subscriptions).
  • Cancellations for the unfulfilled part of the current year must be in writing and received by IPMA-USA by 15 March of the current subscription year (no cancellations after 15 March).
  • If you do cancel within the cancellation period, then IPMA-USA issues any refund due by check, regardless of your original payment method.

2. Steps for Subscribing to the IPMA Journal

You can pay by credit card with PayPal, or by check via postal mail.

  1. The easiest way to pay, especially if you are renewing your subscription is by Credit Card with PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.
  2. To pay by check via mail, download the Microsoft Word Journal order form, then complete it and return it to us with your check or money order.
  3. On the form, follow the subscription and payment instructions. Then send it to us at our mailing address.
    Important! Be sure to keep copies of your completed form and payment information

Next Steps: After receiving your payment, whether during the January Subscription Period or later, we send your subscription to Elsevier, the publisher. Elsevier then mails the Journal to you based on their dispatch dates. If you subscribe late in the year or place an order for a previous year, then Elsevier might send your back issues in one or several batches.

3. See Journal Samples, Dispatch Dates, and Getting Help

  1. Go to the Journal’s main page at
  2. To see a sample issue, look for the View Articles link.
  3. To see the dispatch dates, look for the Order Journal link.
    Note: You might need to scroll down to see the dispatch dates. Also, the dates for the current year may not be available until sometime in February.

Getting Help: Please refer all questions about your subscription to IPMA-USA by email: Contact Us. Please be sure to include the nature of your question, and your subscription Customer Reference Number, if known. The number appears on a printed sheet that is sent with each Journal issue. Please do not contact Elsevier directly.