IPMA-USA Membership Types and Fees

Two memberships in one! IPMA-USA members are automatically members of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), the world’s original professional project manager’s association.

General Qualifications and Rights of Membership

IPMA-USA membership is open to those who:
• Are involved with or interested in project management as a way to advance their professional goals, and
• Have satisfied the requirements for a membership type.

Regular, Life, and Retired Members may vote on all matters submitted to the membership, and may hold any elective Society office. Student and Honorary members may not vote or hold office at the Society level, but may be able to do so within Chapters or PM Community of Practice, if their bylaws allow it.

See our Benefits of Membership page for more information.

Types of Memberships and Qualifications for Each

A Regular Member ($88) is someone who is engaged:
• In project management, or
• In disciplines or other professions that are related to project management.

A Life Member ($1500) is someone who is engaged in project management, and in a long-term commitment, supports our Society’s purpose.

A Retired Member ($44) is someone who:
• Has been a Regular Member for at least one year, and
• Is no longer being employed nor is self-employed on a full-time, permanent basis, and
• Is at least 62 years or is medically retired.

A Student Member ($22) is someone who is:
• Enrolled in an accredited school of higher education, and
• Taking at least two courses or the equivalent each term, and
• Interested in pursuing project management as a career choice.

An Honorary Member ($0) is someone who has:
• Made a significant contribution to the Society or to the Project Management profession, and
• Been selected as an IPMA-USA Honorary Fellow by the Board, and
• Need not already be an IPMA-USA member (one does not neet to be a current member to be an Honorary Fellow), and
• Accepted a one year IPMA-USA membership as part of our recognition for their contributions.

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