Benefits of Membership

Thought Leader articles and blog posts, advanced certification opportunities, and an organizational performance assessment that is not just another maturity model! In addition to these benefits, IPMA-USA members are also automatically members of IPMA, the International Project Management Association.

In addition to the items below, see more of your IPMA-USA membership benefits at the IPMA website!

Some of our IPMA-USA membership benefits are not immediately apparent to the casual observer...

  • Keep ownership of your intellectual property. When you contribute articles, presentations, or other intellectual property, IPMA-USA wants you to retain your ownership rights. We do not ask you to sign over your rights. We have led PM practice with this policy, causing other associations to also honor your intellectual property rights.
  • As mentioned above, co-membership in IPMA—the World’s first professional Project Management Association. Two memberships in one!
  • Pay discounted Member rates for IPMA-USA and IPMA certifications, publications, and events. This includes a 75% discount to the International Journal of Project Management, one of the PM practice’s top-rated juried publications. Also included: Membership discount to the IPMA World Congress.
  • Access our Members Only section, here on our website, allowing you access to a unique range if membership benefits:
    • Member-Only Access to selected prior articles from our IPMA-USA website, 2001-2008;
    • Access to the World Bank Project Management class, a Powerpoint and pdf-based 5 week PM curriculum, developed by IPMA Honorary Fellow Bob Youker;
    • Key PM reference materials, such as the PM Methods Improvement Plan;
    • See and join, at no cost for members, the Competence Enablers!
    • For more details, see What You Will See in Members Only
  • Participate in the IPMA Family LinkedIn Group, a business networking website, allowing you access to like-minded practitioners around the World. Also available, and we encourage your active participation, is our IPMA-USA LinkedIn group.
  • Improve your portfolio of experience, nationally and internationally, by:
    • Networking with IPMA-USA and IPMA members around the world;
    • Serving as a project leader or team member on an exciting IPMA-USA project;
    • Serving as an IPMA-USA Board Member.
    • Contributing articles to IPMA-USA and to IPMA publications;
  • Members also benefit from participating in IPMA-USA programs and learning through hands-on management of the Society.
  • Most membership types may serve in a variety of elected and appointed positions, gaining competence as well as serving fellow members.

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