Director of Education

Major Responsibilities

1. Serves on the Board of Directors as a voting member.
2. Assures that IPMA-USA Education activities are aligned with the society’s strategic goals and plans.
3. Plans and execute activities in accordance with the Education budget.
4. Coordinates Education activities with other professional associations, as required.
5. Represents IPMA-USA on Education matters with other professional associations.
6. Ensures that Education activities are conducted in a professional manner.
7. Prepares a plan of actions for the next year and presents it to the Board of Directors.

General Duties

1. Develops annual plans to guide Education activities.
2. Contributes to the strategic plan for Education activities and long-term goals.
3. Manages IPMA-USA's Education program, to include recruiting volunteers.
4. Establishes and appoints members to the Education Committee.
5. Develops policies and procedures for development and maintenance of the Education Program.
6. Coordinates the development and provision of presentations to Project Management Communities of Practice, or in conferences.
7. Manages the Learning section of the IPMA-USA website.
8. Classifies, inventories and maintains knowledge and learning sources that advance the Society in the field of Project Management.
9. Maintains and provides to members an inventory of vendors whose products or services advance the Society’s objectives in the field of Project Management.
10. Coordinates Education activities with other Directors and interested parties, as necessary.
11. Reports progress and status on Education activities to the Board of Directors at meetings, or as required.

Term Of Office: July 2015 – June 2018

Director of Education, 2015-2018

Thomas BaumannDr. Thomas Baumann

Dr. Thomas Baumann studied physics (surface science). After some years in the power plant industry he joined the German Automaker Volkswagen AG (principal VW consulting, manager of the center of competence of PM, ) in Germany and US. Since 2005 he is CEO and president of the Orbitak International LLC in Detroit USA.

Since more than 20 years he is working/leading consulting in the field of strategy (design and implementation) of organizations, projects & programs mainly in global acting enterprises in the automotive & supplier, public, education and banking industry. He is familiar with global acting companies and their intercultural aspects and is also specialized in setting up and managing complex programs & projects. He special experience is the transfer of newest results from the brain research into the business world of projects and organizations.
He is certified trainer for IPMA (Level D-A) through the German PM-Zert.

He managed also several large projects where “change management” and “paradigm shifts” are crucial – e.g. with the public and educational sector where politics, industry and academic provider have to partner. He designed the MI dual education initiative MAT2- MI Advanced Technician Training and acted as the program director (several programs from DACUM to Curriculum and Delivery.

Thomas Baumann won with his colleagues the 2010 International ICCPM research prize. He published numerous articles, book chapters, is presenting annual at different international conferences and member of program committees of national and international conferences.

Dr. Baumann is an international requested lecturer (international corporate strategy, international entrepreneurship, decision making, service management, innovation and project management) at universities in Germany, US, Slovenia, Brazil.

Thomas is actively involved on an international level within the project management community. He served 12 years as member of the Board of Trustees of the GPM (German PM Organization), was elected in several program committees for international congresses (GPM, IPMA-WC, ISEC, …) and organized conferences for the IPMA (2011 in Detroit) and ICCPM (2008 Frankfurt/ Germany).