Those who have served as project managers in their career, and who meet these requirements, can renew as Retired Members:

  • Have been an IPMA-USA member for at least one year,
  • Is no longer employed nor is self-employed on a full-time, permanent basis, and
  • Is at least 62 years or is medically retired

We consider this membership type to be a smart way to remain engaged in your professional connections, while stepping back from the frantic workday life.

You continue to receive access to IPMA's events, news, certifications, Journal (at a significantly discounted price), and other features. Join us as we help the practice of project management to Move Forward!

Important: Pay By Check Option
If you prefer to pay by check you can do so by following the steps for OPTION B on our Join Or Renew page. Some people, especially in other countries, have difficulty paying with a non-USA credit card.

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