Examination Process:
IPMA Certification Level C

Examination ProcessAfter completing the Application Process, candidates for IPMA Level C®, Certified Project Manager, will be assigned a venue (date and location) for their exam based on the preferences in their application.

The Level C Exam consists entirely of short-essay questions. Each question is designed to be answered in 10-15 minutes. Questions are selected from the exam database so that each exam is of comparable difficulty.

The Level C Exam has two parts with a 20 minute break in between:

  • Part 1: Candidates must answer 7 short-essay questions within 100 minutes. These questions could address any competence element in the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline.
  • Part 2: Candidates must answer 5 additional short-essay questions in 70 minutes. These questions could also address any competence element in the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline.

Candidates do not receive a grade on their exam: their responses are given to the Assessors who have been assigned to evaluate their competence. The assessors, each of whom is a Certified Project Manager or Certified Senior Project Manager, use the exam responses as input to the candidate’s competence assessment.

Accommodations can be made for candidates with language, learning, or test-taking issues.

You can download your application and its supporting documents here: Application Downloads.

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If you have questions, please contact certification applications.