Our Exams are Different

Certification ExamOur questions test the breadth and depth of your knowledge of common, everyday concepts: there is no need to memorize obscure terms or irrelevant theories.

Nor is there a need for specialized exam prep courses: most 3-5 day introductory courses provide sufficient preparation.

Our short-essay questions allow you to:

  • Express your own ideas
  • Use your experience
  • Display your thought process
  • Apply some creativity
  • Earn partial credit for what you do know even when you don’t know everything

Our multiple-choice questions comply with best practices as described by Thomas Haladyna, the foremost expert in the field. Our multiple-choice questions:

  • Use crisp language with no excess verbiage
  • Are direct and straightforward (i.e., there are no “trick” questions)
  • Have key words (like not, most, and generally) underlined
  • Are free of grammatical and spelling errors

Our exams are based primarily on the content and insights of the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline, our foundation for Competence-Based assessment in Project Management. Exam syllabi include additional suggested reading.

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