Competence Assessment Process:
IPMA Certification Levels A, B, and C

cert assess abcThis page illustrates the competence assessment process for these IPMA-USA Certifications:

  • IPMA Level A®: Certified Project Director
  • IPMA Level A®: Certified Program Director
  • IPMA Level A®: Certified Portfolio Director
  • IPMA Level B®: Certified Senior Project Manager
  • IPMA Level B®: Certified Senior Program Manager
  • IPMA Level B®: Certified Senior Portfolio Manager
  • IPMA Level C®: Certified Project Manager

The flowchart provides a high-level outline of what happens after you have submitted your Assessment Application. The first step is a careful and comprehensive review of your application by two trained assessors who are certified at or above the level you have applied for. They use the materials you submitted to prepare for their interview with you.

After the interview, they record their results independently to minimize the potential for anchoring bias. In order to pass, you must provide clear and convincing evidence of competent performance against at least 80% of the competence elements.

You can download your application and its supporting documents here: Application Downloads.

You might also be interested in the flowcharts for the Examination Process for Levels B and C.

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