IPMA Level C®: Certified Project Manager

Level C badgeAn individual certified at Level C has provided clear and convincing evidence of competent performance managing projects of moderate management complexity.

Experience Requirements

Experience must have been acquired within the last 6 years. If your career was interrupted (e.g., for military service or parental leave), that period can be extended to 10 years. The minimum experience requirements for Level C are:

  • 3 years (4,500 hours on-the-job) managing projects of moderate complexity, OR
  • 3 years (4,500 hours on-the-job) assisting the project manager of a highly complex project

If you're not sure if your experience qualifies, go to Application Downloads and download the IPMA-USA-Experience-Check file.

Management Complexity Requirements

IPMA-USA’s updated Management Complexity Rating tool is used to determine the level of management complexity of each candidate’s projects, programs, and portfolios. The following 10 indicators are used to evaluate management complexity:

  • Objectives and results
  • Methods, tools, and techniques
  • Resources
  • Risk and opportunities
  • Stakeholders and integration
  • Relations with permanent organizations
  • Cultural and social context
  • Leadership, teamwork, and decisions
  • Degree of innovation and general conditions
  • Demand for coordination

Typical Responsibilities

  • Is responsible for the management of a project or sub-project of moderate complexity.
  • Supports project personnel with identifying needed improvements to their competence and performance.
  • Applies appropriate project management processes, methods, tools, and techniques.

Next Steps