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There are dozens of conferences online so we thought we would shake things up with something different.  On April 10th, we will host a debate on a hot topic.  Which is better, Agile or Waterfall? 

In this non-conference, we will explore this topic with a structured 2 x 2 debate with some industry heavy-weights, Peter Coesmans and Barbara Roberts from the Agile Business Consortium will take on  Mounir Ajam from SUKAD and Sandra Hoskins from the Kellan Group!

Welcome and Introductions: 10:00 AM US EDT (GMT-4)

Debate: 10:15 to 11:15

 But wait, there is more!!   

We have lined up some amazing speakers to cover some engaging topics that will be certain to give you some great tips and tricks!




11:30 to 12:00

“Help me! “My project sponsor is a psychopath [but pretends to be an idiot]”

Grzegorz (Greg) Szalajko

12:00 to 12:30

“Dealing with Assholes”

Bill Duncan

12:30 to 1:00

“Toxic Tribes”

Dr. Michael Pace

1:00 to 1:30


Kamil Mroz

1:30 to 2:00

“Bad Project”

Leif Rogell

2:00 to 2:45

“The project from hell” (Case Study)

Rick Morris

2:45 to 3:00

Closing Remarks

Dr. Joel Carboni

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(Why this amount?  Because 2020 is a number we all want to forget.)

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Take your project teams to the next level by establishing an IPMA-USA Corporate Chapter!


An organization that supports its project professionals elevates the success of projects within their organization and benefits from improved organizational competence—which drives business results.

According to IPMA Research:

  • 19% of organizations deliver successful projects, at least most of the time
  • 44% are likely to deliver projects that meet the original goal and business intent
  • 30% are delivered on time and 36% on budget
  • 46% of projects are delivered with stakeholder satisfaction

With an organization-specific suite of professional resources, IPMA-USA Corporate Chapter connects your project professionals to the organization that exists to see a world where all projects succeed.

Some of the key competence areas for improvement for Project Managers are:

  • Leading change in the organization
  • Having difficult conversations and conflict management
  • Delegating authority effectively
  • Developing and applying lessons learned
  • Managing and adopting change
  • Project Communications

Our approach:

chapter process.png

We engage your organization and perform a needs analysis to determine what areas of growth and development are most needed and then work with you to meet these needs through workshops and training.  We then perform analysis to measure improvements that support further development.


Select the plan that is right for you and contact us to establish your chapter!

This chart for details about the IPMA Corporate Chapter packages offered, fees associated with joining and the business building resources included with each package.

membership packages.png


Click here to contact us for more!


2021 Candidates and Ballot

Dr. Michael Pace for PresidentPace_copy.jpg

Dr. Michael Pace has spent his leadership career “fixing” challenges with business “P”s -  projects, processes, or people. Recently, he has shifted his focus to preventing mistakes by educating the next generation of leaders at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Currently, Michael serves as teaching faculty at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School, leading courses in strategic management, project management, and global entrepreneurship, and the Energy Institute, where he teaches graduate-level project and project portfolio management.  He founded a consulting & training firm, Diverging Roads, which focuses on simplifying the complex in projects, organizational change, and process improvement. And is a founding partner in a data strategy, architecture, and governance consultancy (Data Integrity First). He is the director for global entrepreneurship programs to Scotland, Costa Rica, & Malaysia, the faculty advisor for Phi Beta Lambda (Future Business Leaders of America), and the Aggie Product Management Club, and sits on the board of directors for the International Project Management Association - USA.

Michael’s goals for IPMA-USA are to continue to build the corporate membership program & Spring Symposium, strengthen the education and professional services areas, continue to build global partnerships, and to build a platform of differentiation from other project management communities.



Ani Rajendra  for Director of Professional ServicesAni

Ani is Currently heading the Agile Practice at Toyota Motors North America (TMNA), where his primary responsibility is to sponsor, advocate and lead TMNA organization towards business agility. He provides direction and advises all of IT to ensure technology delivery is transparent and focused on top priorities delivering the highest business value.

A few of his highlights:

  • Trusted advisor, thought leader and change champion with 22 years of work experience and over 15 years in managerial positions.
  • Experience in business-centric thought leadership in developing strategies for Information Systems
  • Experience spans over multiple geographies and across industry domains such as finance, manufacturing, and retail

His objectives for the role of Director of Professional Services

  • Bridge the gap between academia and industry by developing/enhancing project and people management aspects in the IPMA- service offerings/curriculum.
  • Collaborate and connect industry experts to incorporate real world experience to professional service offerings
  • Develop a service offerings with other experts on better management practices from other disciplines such as Lean, Toyota way, Agile.
  • Prepare young generation to understand the current business and technology trends and skills required to be ready for the professional opportunities and challenges
  • Develop 360 mentorship program
  • Coach younger generation to develop a mindset that supports idea of continuous improvement through people first approach.
  • Coach and train management and executives on how to deal with gen y and X ( Digital Natives)


Brooke Davison for Director of Young CrewBrook.jpg

Howdy, my name is Brooke Davidson, and I am an Information Systems graduate student at Texas A&M University with an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems. I am from Dallas, Texas, and my ultimate career goal is to be a Chief Information Officer for Blizzard Entertainment. When I am not immersed in a new World of Warcraft expansion, you can find me hiking and tent camping across the United States.

Goals: I have two primary goals for the Young Crew. Growing the young crew is both size and reputation by targeting inspiring project managers as they enter higher education. My second goal is to set up a sustainable program to consistently submit a USA team for the Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCO) each spring.




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2019 Candidates and Ballot

Meghan Crumble for Vice Presidentmeghan

Meghan Crumble has over 10 years of experience developing and executing strategy to solve complex business problems through methodical, thorough and diligent application of processes and procedures. She is adept in developing and managing high performing project teams for delivery of strategic projects. Meghan has an extensive portfolio of successful initiatives and business solutions.

She specializes in project management, move management, process planning, cost control integration and project scheduling. With her move management experience, Meghan’s space allocations and move management services includes over 800,000SF of tenant office relocations. Client focused, she provides a solution-based approach in project management and delivery, creating opportunities to mitigate any project risks. 



Ken Brooks  for Director of Member Services

As an active member of IPMA-USA, I am seeking your vote for Board Member in the capacity Director of Membership.

Why run for this position and why the interest? I believe my background in Project Management, Software Architecture, and Management of complex systems allows me to be suited for this role.

I am an organized, detail-oriented, seasoned Technology professional with a passion for critical, problem solving, and ability to handle multiple responsibilities within a team or independently. I aim to develop and execute the recruitment of IPMA-USA membership and assist in the development of skills that align with their mission to help enable and transform the organization.  I have participated in similar roles within Corporate America as part of a Talent Management Team where I partnered with Application Owners, Business Owners, Projects, and teams, to support the recruiting vision, strategy and brand.   

In this role, I aim to perform the following:

  • Develop a Talent management plan for short-term and long-term membership recruiting and retention
  • Understand and assist in the execution of the IPMA-USA Leadership’s vision
  • Establishes and maintains member engagement in IPMA-USA social media sites, and interests
  • Solicit fresh ideas and content from Members to help maintain the health of the organization

Jessica Sherry for Director of Marketing jessica

Jessica is a  Senior Marketing Specialist for Cushman-Wakefield and brings extensive marketing expertise with her. 

I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the marketing efforts of the IPMA and can help that process run efficiently and successfully. I have experience in both the creative and administrative sides of marketing and am confident I can work well with the Board to promote this organization to the benefit of its members and all others who are involved. I enjoy working with other people and have a passion for graphic design, advertising and anything in the marketing realm. I am very excited about this opportunity and, if chosen, look forward to applying my skills to the IPMA and collaborating with the team. 

Peter Milsom for Director of Standards petermilsom

Peter Milsom helps organizations understand what sustainability means to them, to maximize their benefits and value while minimizing costs and threats. He does this by helping organizations at all levels from the c-suite to the front lines understand what all of the elements of sustainability are, and helping them prioritize and focus on those areas that make the most sense. His area of focus in the sustainability space is change delivery or projects. Peter has also worked on several international standards, and is currently the Convenor of ISO 21502 Guidance on Project Management, and is the Secretary of the ISO 31000 Implementation Guidance Handbook. He is a contributing author: Sustainable Project Management - The GPM Reference Guide, 2nd Edition; The GPM P5 Standard for Sustainability in Project Management v1.5.

Peter has actively been involved with various standards organizations (ISO, IPMA, PMI, GAPPS etc.), and his long standing volunteer involvement with IPMA in North America and the rest of the world (contributing to the Individual Competence Baseline, Project Excellence Baseline, International Certification Regulations, International Validation Regulations & Handbook and the Agile Competence Baseline) backs up his goal to advocate for and keep IPMA US informed of the ongoing development of these standards. Specifically, as a Director of IPMA US, Peter would like to facilitate the America’s perspectives are taken into account and our members are aware of where the international thought leaders are moving.


Neville Goedhals for Board Member at Largeneville

For the past  35 years Neville Goedhals has been providing management, architecture, and development consulting to major Companies, primarily in emerging information technology. Neville is IPMA level A certified and is a certified IPMA Assessor. He has authored Corporate IS standards, RMC, methodologies – including Agile and Scrum, numerous technical papers, courses, and is a frequent speaker at forums. Neville Goedhals Is a co-founder and CIO/CTO of SUKAD Corp., a company that is developing a full spectrum Portfolio and Project Management Portal based on CAMMP (Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects). He is an avid supporter of IPMA-USA.

As a board member I would provide a measure of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance, and be the boards wild-card for unexpected occurrences e.g. Finding a new revenue stream, or coming up with a different way to make ourselves known to Corporate America. I will always be a source of support, and will continue to offer my services as an IPMA Assessor.



Michael Pace Ph.D. for Board Member at Largemichael pace

Dr. Michael Pace is an Executive Professor with Texas A&M’s Mays Business School.  He holds bachelor and master degrees in Forensics and a Ph.D. in Business Management and has over 15 years experience in project, program, and portfolio management across multiple industries.  He holds several project-related certifications.

Dr. Pace is a researcher, author, and speaker on project management (especially PM methodologies and the importance of flexibility and adaptability). 

If elected to IPMA-USA’s Board as Board Member at Large, his goals serving the needs IPMA-USA in whatever capacity called upon, especially in (continued) good governance, decision making, and action-plan execution. 





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