Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision
A world in which all projects succeed.

Our Mission
We identify, collect, document, certify, develop, freely share, and promote effective Project and Program Management practices.

IPMA-USA Vision and MissionWe highlight the benefits of successes, and guide for improvements. We accelerate the exchange of Project and Program Management practices between experienced and new practitioners.

We serve the project and program management community and related disciplines, by increasing the sophistication of the way all individuals and organizations view and use Projects and Programs.

The goal of our Society is to lead the mainstreaming of project management as a core competence of all professions, and as the key to ever-increasing performance in promoting human welfare and societal change.

To achieve this goal, our Society will:
a. Provide services to members that promote advancement in the practice of competent project management.
b. Promote high standards of ethics, conduct, education, and achievement by all project management practitioners.
c. Espouse the aims, objectives, and activities of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).

To achieve our objectives, the Society’s actions include the following:
a. Build Business, Industry, and Government relationships to support their project management needs.
b. Promote methods, standards, practices, education, and ethics of project management to improve productivity.
c. Promote individual, team, and organization Performance Competence to improve project and program results.
d. Research untouched opportunities to improve the understanding and practice of the project management discipline.
e. Share information and promote the free interchange of information to advance the discipline.