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Competence Enabler logoCompetence Enabler Program Details — Preparing Your Entry

  • You can explain your range of services — in a range of categories — and show how you differentiate your offerings to support improved pm competence and PPM Performance.

  • For those who offer training or learning services, map your curriculum to our IPMA Individual Competence Baseline. This allows you to show your breadth and depth of coverage of the factors that matter most in improved project performance.

  • Your Logo can be up to 250 px wide x 120 px high, in gif, png or jpeg format. Please contact us if you have special requirements.

  • Note: We reserve the right to screen Competence Enabler candidates' listings for relevance to the practice of project management.

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Are You Ready?

Explore the Competence Enabler program, beginning with the menu at the top of the web page. Go to Learning | Learn About the Competence Enablers | Find a Competence Enabler. On the resulting display, select or click a category, or a sub-category. For example, click Education and Learning. Here you can see those Competence Enablers who classified their services in this area; you can select a sub-category, such as Onsite Training, to see a logo and summary of just those organizations that offer this service. 

Click on an organization's name to see their more-detailed information page. Review the entries of several other organizations in the Competence Enabler section to understand the format of the two pages; the summary page lists the organization name, shows its logo, and provides a brief overview of its services. The detailed page (accessed by clicking an organization name) provides more details. A key point: you can list yourself in a range of categories; it would be smart to say, in your description, a few words about your services in each category you plan to register for.

Before you begin to create your own Competence Enabler entry, review the steps below to see the remainder of the information you need to prepare, in addition to the summary and detailed description of your services, and a logo, and an optional additional graphic.

If you are ready to become a Competence Enabler, use the information below to prepare your entry in our registry. Note that some of the steps are straight-forward, and some require a bit of exploration. For example, we initially had a little trouble with the multiple-select Categories.

Sign Up, Competence Enablers!

If you are a current IPMA-USA member, log in (using the Member Login link at the top of most pages). On the menu at the top of the display, go: Learning | Learn About the Competence Enabler menu barCompetence Enablers | Find a Competence Enabler. When you are logged in, an Add Entry link appears in the separate menu bar near the top of that page; see the adjacent example. Then follow the steps below to add your organization as a Competence Enabler. If you are not yet a member, either JOIN US, or contact us at the email link at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

ACE Initial InfoSection 1, Initial Information
See example 1, adjacent; entering your Company Name is an easy start.

Setting your Category is easy if you remember to control+click (on a pc) on multiple items. On mobile devices you see check-boxes for selection. Key point: if you select a sub-category, be sure to also select its parent category. See how, in the example, in addition to selecting Onsite Training and Public Workshops, we have also selected the parent Category, Education and Learning.

Your Company Logo should be no greater than 250x120 pixels (width x height). The system will shrink or cut off logos that are too large. Use png, jpg, or gif graphics. You press the Select FIle button, then navigate to your preferred logo file on your system. Upon finding it, click Open. Note that you can replace your existing logo if you are updating it. Please contact us if you have trouble uploading or editing your existing entry (see below for editing your entry).

ace Contact Information

Section 2, Contact Information
Record your Contact Person's name, Email address, postal address, Country and Phone number. Note that the USA is about 4/5 of the way down the list, based on the scroll bar at the right of the scrolling window. Please remember to include your Country Code with your Phone number. See example 2, adjacent.

ACE Web and Short DescriptionSection 3, Website; Short Description
See example 3, adjacent. The website title is an alpha-numeric identifier for your website; it might be your organization name, or other identifier. Sometimes the organization name is different than the website address. Record your website without the http:// or www. And, note that you can adjust the prefix to https:// using the drop-down selector.

The Short Description is limited to 300 characters. We suggest recording the Full Description first (see section 4, below), then extracting the most compelling phrases into the Short Description. As mentioned above, the Short Description appears in the Category Summary, and the Full Description appears in your Detailed listing. Note that the Short Description allows the use of some html code, for those who wish to bold, italicize, or dress up their listing.

ACE Full Description and ImageSection 4, Full Description and Optional Image
The Full Description allows up to 2000 characters of text. And, with its built-in editor, it lets you do a range of editing, including styles, and colors. And, it even lets you include graphics.

The optional Image can be up to 300w x 350h pixels. You upload the optional Image the same way you did for your logo. By now, you are a master, right?

Finishing and Reviewing
We believe in saving our work regularly; do so when you finish each section, by pressing the Save button at top right of your screen. You may receive an error message, with the field having a problem highlighted. When you are satisfied with your work, press the arrow next to the Save button at top right, select Save and Exit, and you are done!

Review your results. If you find something  you want to change in your entry, see Section 5, below. If you find you cannot change something, please let us know, using the Competence Enabler Questions? Contact Us! link below.

Section 5, Editing Your Competence Enabler Entry
ACE EditingA reminder: You may come back later to edit your entry, so first we remind you how to get to the starting point.

1. Log in as an IPMA-USA member;
2. On the menu, go to Learning | Learn About the Competence Enablers | Find a  Competence Enabler;
3. Find your summary entry, by Searching for your organization name, or selecting a Category you have listed;
4. Click on your organization name in the summary view; this shows the Detailed view of your Competence Enabler entry.

On that page you see a "rounded square" button next to your Organization's name (highlighted in red to the left of your organization name on example 5). Press this button to re-enter the editing display. You should see several options; click Edit Entry. A caution, while editing your entry: Be careful, when adding new categories, that you do not delete your existing ones. We made that mistake several times.

When you finish editing your entry, use the Save Entry button that is at the lower right of your display. Note that this is different than your original entry, when the Save button was at the top right of your display.

Competence Enabler Questions? Contact Us!

Reminder: Inclusion in our Competence Enabler program is a service, and does not necessarily imply our endorsement of the services provided.