Professional Speaking
Whether your organization, or your event, needs a keynote speaker, a motivational speaker, or an illustrious kick-off speaker, Competence Enablers provide the insights needed to inspire, excite and to increase performance. Our speakers are in demand all over the World, and can help you deliver your promise!

Proportion is a training company with a reputation for excellence in the transfer of project management competence from the instructor to the course participant. The clients’ needs are met through a series of lectures that are reinforced by practical, real-world exercises. Client feedback on meeting learning objectives has been most favorable. Proportion instructors have experience in project management in Construction disciplines such as architecture, Civil Engineering, as well as Information Technology, Finance & Banking, etc.
Improving organizational performance through better project management. Key Words: Project Management, Project Management Culture, Process of Project Management
GPM Ltd. (Green Project Management) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of the practical application of sustainable project management practices to decouple environmental degradation and economic growth. Our mission is to evolve project management as a discipline to enable organizations to improve the construct and delivery goods and services without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our training courses which center on our unique EnVex methodology, an approach to learning which incorporates classical instruction on core project management.
At DE, Inc. our focus is on assisting companies with implementing the change needed to improve organizational performance. Providing executive level leadership, we can help navigate you and your team through the uncharted waters of change using objective and measurable methods with real impact. Our subsidiary, Project Manager's Corner, provides all the tactical talent, training, and tools you will need to to improve projects accross the enterprise. Having assisted organization both large and small, for-profit and governmental PMC brings a wide-breath of knowledge to help your implementatio
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