Competence Enablers

Our Competence Enabler (CE) program is a member service for savvy Project Management solution Vendors, and a convenience for our members and visitors.

We call them Competence Enablers because they are aligned with our focus on PM Skills, Behavioral Attributes and Competence development. Competence Enablers can help their clients to move beyond simple knowledge-based emphasis on Project Manager development.* 

Competence EnablerWhat Is a Competence Enabler?

A Competence Enabler is a Project Management products or services vendor who understands the difference between basic PM Knowledge, and the Skills, Behavioral Attributes and Competences needed to achieve consistent project performance. Competence Enablers have access to the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (ICB4), that identifies the minimum target levels of needed Knowledge, Skills, Behavioral Attributes and Competences needed to fill each level of IPMA's Four-Level Competence-Based Project Manager Certification Program.

If you are a Competence Enabler, you can identify how your products, consulting services and training programs help support the success factors that today's Project Manager and key project stakeholders need most. That includes the foundation of technical, contextual and behavioral competences that are essential for career development, advanced Project Manager Certifications, and the project/program success factors that individuals or Enterprises need, not just to succeed, but to excel.

Competence Enabler Categories

  • Education and Learning, including Education, Onsite Training, Public Workshops, and Webinars
  • PM Consulting
  • Organizational PM-Assessment
  • PM Products,  including Methodologies, Tools, Books and Publications
  • Certification Readiness, including IPMA Level D® Background, IPMA Level C or B Coaching, IPMA Level A® Coaching
  • Professional Speaking

Are you ready to FIND or BE a Competence Enabler?

From This Page...

  1. Who Benefits from Competence Enablers? (see below)
  2. Find a Competence Enabler
  3. How to Get Listed as a Competence Enabler

Who Benefits from Competence Enablers?

  • Practicing project and program managers can benefit from our Competence Enabler program, through exposure to the full range of performance competences needed for pm success.
  • National and Global organizations can benefit from our Competence Enabler program, by sourcing consistent competence-based pm learning.
  • Project Management Offices (PMOs) can benefit from our Competence Enabler program, by engaging learning experts who know how to improve pm performance.
  • Educators and Universities can benefit from our Competence Enabler program, by offering career value for pm career seekers and those seeking related professions.
  • PM-related Consultancies and Trainers, large and small, can benefit from our Competence Enabler program, with clearly differentiating competences.

Getting listed as a Competence Enabler

Competence Enabler menu bar

Listing is is a free service for IPMA-USA members. If you are a current IPMA-USA member, log in (using the Member Login link at the top of most pages). On the menu at the top of the display, go: Learning | Learn About the Competence Enablers | Find a Competence Enabler (or, click this link). When you are logged in, an Add Entry link appears in the separate menu bar near the top of that page; see the adjacent example. Then follow the steps below to add your organization as a Competence Enabler. If you are not yet a member, either JOIN US, or contact us at the email link at the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

And, qualified not-yet-members can also pay to participate in this program. Here is what you receive: With your current membership (or payment, but it is far easier to join), you can record your organization's information in our Competence Enabler directory, with your contact information, address, logo and a link to your website, and a summary description of your products or services.

Do you have Competence Enabler Questions? Contact Us!

* Disclaimer: Inclusion in our Competence Enabler program is a member service, and does not imply our endorsement of the services provided.