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IPMA-USA is integrating the IPMA Project Excellence Awards into our offerings. To introduce this service, we will offer:
1. A January, 2016 Webinar covering the foundation of Project Excellence Awards, the Project Excellence Baseline.
2. An April 10-12 Awards Assessor training, in the Detroit area. See a summary of this exclusive training at the IPMA website.
3. An ongoing dialogue on the benefits of project awards, here on our website, and in our LinkedIn and FaceBook pages.

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Managing projects often means dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility. Project managers and their teams are required to give their best to achieve the desired outcomes for stakeholders, organizations or society. Are these achievements recognized enough? In IPMA Awards they are!

The following information is from the IPMA website.

orangeIPMA awards excellent projects through the IPMA International Project Excellence Award, “the Oscar” in Project Management, so to speak. The Award supports professional project management in achieving high performance in projects. It motivates project teams to identify and optimize the use of their strengths. Standing as a Winner, on the stage, in front of an international audience is one of the greatest recognitions a project manager and the team can receive.

orangeIn 2013 we added the IPMA Achievement Awards to our portfolio. We have 4 categories of Achievement Awards. The Awards for Internationally Funded Humanitarian Projects and the Community Service/Development Projects recognize management of projects from non-profit sector. Individuals showing excellent performance in the field of project management are recognized in a very important category Project Manager of the Year.

Want to learn more about how you can benefit from IPMA Awards? Contact Meg Infiorati, our Director of Standards!

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IPMA Achievement Awards 2015 results

IPMA announced the winners of the Achievement Awards in all 4 categories at the 29th IPMA World Congress in Panama. October 2, 2015. Read More

IPMA recognises the best managed projects at the IPMA Award Gala 2015

The results of the International Project Excellence Award 2015 were announced at the 29th IPMA World Congress in Panama on 29 September 2015. September 30, 2015. Read More