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about us imageIPMA-USA is a US-based not-for-profit professional society dedicated to advancing the project management discipline. Soon after our founding, we aligned with IPMA to help meet our challenging goals.

Working with our members and collaborating with other professional associations, we provide the leadership needed for both the professional growth of members and the competent practice of project management.

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IPMA-USA: Who We Are

Enhancement of project and program management benefits project practitioners, your respective organizations, and the the community or customers you serve. IPMA-USA is working at the forefront of our discipline to push practices, procedures, and techniques to their best use.

IPMA-USA is a member-driven organization with member involvement in all professional development activities. This web site provides our members and industry with current, relevant project management information. Member involvement and member activities will bring more and better information to enhance the practice of project management.

We encourage those who are not yet members to join, and for members to volunteer your time, knowledge, and energy to advance the discipline. You can make a difference by participating in our projects, and the management, direction, and activities of our organization.

International Influence

IPMA-USA is the United States member association of IPMA, the International Project Management Association. Thus, our members are also automatically members of IPMA. IPMA is a federation of national project management associations, promoting global standards in competence-based certification, while retaining local control and sensitivity to nation-specific customs and standards. As a result, our Multi-Level Competency Based Certifications are recognized in over 40 nations around the world.

IPMA-USA Activity Areas:

IPMA-USA offers a suite of Project and Program Manager certifications, beginning with the Knowledge-based IPMA Level D, and continuing to Competence based certifications of Project Managers, Senior Project Managers, and Program Managers. Are you Certified as a PM?

Our Standards initiatives include the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline for Program and Project Management (ICB4), and PRO, Performance Rated Organization, the USA’s newest standard for organizational PM performance assessment, and improved PM Practices and Methods. These published (and soon-to-be-published) standards help fulfill our mission to advance the practice of Project Management, and help amplify your PM Performance.

Education and Learning
We help Academic and organizational learners to improve knowledge, skills, competence, and PM Performance. Example: SCiPM, Student Certificate in Project Management, helps University PM programs offer their graduates an early start in PM Competence, with a curriculum, exam and certificate that is aligned with IPMA’s ICB4.

Member Services
Members have access to the Members Only area, a collaborative network of resources, blogs and dialogues. Members are eligible for significant discounts to the International Journal of Project Management, IPMA’s juried research journal, one of the best resources in the world for leading practice and academic research. And, watch for our IPMA-USA Congress, and other special events, opportunities to meet face-to-face, hear leading-edge presentations and case-studies, and discuss project management challenges with other practitioners.

Media, Magazine and Publications
In addition to a rich and useful website, IPMA-USA hosts a wide range of articles and whitepapers that support project management planning, design, and implementation while building on individual and organizational Competence. Available to members are webinars, podcasts, and webcasts.

IPMA-USA Program Areas

IPMA-USA is also pursuing a number of additional activities, including:

Designing and implementing projects to conduct research into individual and organizational needs for improved Performance Competence.

Business Roundtable
Designing and implementing projects that involve business leaders to identify their project needs and to develop solutions for those needs.

Project Excellence Awards
Currently in development: Designing and implementing an awards program to publicly recognize your accomplishments and contributions to project management.

About IPMA

IPMA ArrowsIPMA, the International Project Management Assocation, is the World's first project management association, founded in 1965. IPMA is a federation of independent National Member Associations, representing over 60 countries. Our unique Federation structure allows us to collaborate as a true Global organization, while serving local needs. You receive two memberships in one: When you join IPMA-USA, you are also a member of IPMA!

Fact: IPMA's prior name was INTERNET, some 16 years before the connected World decided our name was a "keeper."

*In all media, we show our IPMA-USA brand, and, legally, we are still the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management.


Now that you know all about us, please Join Us!