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Certification Program Overview

Become Recognized as a Professional Through IPMA Certification

  • Do you want international recognition as a project, program or portfolio professional? Do you want to be assessed on your current competence level and be internationally certified?
  • Do you want to employ or hire a project, programme or portfolio manager who has proved to be competent?
  • Do you want to know how you can improve your competences as a professional project, program or portfolio manager?
What Level Is Right for You?

 If You Are...
What's entailed...

An experienced senior manager, program manager, or manager of project managers IPMA® Level A Report, experience-summary, management complexity ratings,  interview, self-assessment

An experienced senior project, program, or portfolio manager IPMA® Level B Report, experience-summary, management complexity ratings, oral exam, interview, self-assessment

An experienced project manager IPMA® Level C Experience-summary, management complexity ratings, written exam with 12 short-answer questions, interview, self-assessment

Interested in the discipline of project management IPMA® Level D Written exam with 10 short-answer questions and 60 multiple-choice questions, self-assessment

Not sure what level you qualify for Pre-Screen None

Recertification All levels Self-assessment, experience-summary, report of continuing professional development

For those who are curious about how IPMA's offerings compare to other project management certifications, see Comparing PM Certifications.

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