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The 2016 Dialogue Webinar Series 
July 20th: If there’s no ‘I’ in team …Who’s sitting at the table?


Presenter: Dr. Meg Infiorati, Director of Standards, IPMA-USA.

It is no longer enough to have the job skills that make you perfect to perform a task. Today, the capability to be a high functioning team member is just as important. But unless you took psychology as an elective, and personality psychology specifically, it is unlikely that you’ve had the opportunity to understand how people function in a social group, in our case the group is a work team.

Organizational Psychologists (OPs) are common staff in large organizations, but less than 15% of all organizations in the US are considered large according to the US Business Census Bureau, meaning they employ more than 500 staff. Yet OPs typically work at organizations that are composed of greater than 10,000 employees, leaving us with less than 5% of all organizations having OP skillsets available. And many of those hire consultants as needed which can result in a higher learning curve for the OP to be of assistance.

This presentation will give you a few basics you can use starting with your next meeting to improve communications, expand the value that each individual brings to the table, develop into a more cohesive team, and shorten your meeting time while thriving with broader results.

Webinar Date: Wednesday, July 20, 2016
This webinar is completed; see the link to the recorded version below. 

The topics we will discuss include:

1. What are different personality traits that you or others demonstrate in team activities, and how that affects team success
2. How to identify different personality types and work with those that are different from yours
3. The benefits to you, your team, your organization by acknowledging the ‘personality’ value of the many ‘I’s’ on your team

Audience--This Dialogue Series Webinar is for:

  • Professional Project, Program and Portfolio Managers who need to better understand team building
  • PMO (Project Management Office) Managers who are tasked with project governance, skills development and resource management

About Our Presenter

Dr. Meg E. Infiorati, Organizational Psychologist, is an Independent Consultant and Director of Standards for IPMA-USA. Dr. Infiorati will discuss the history of the phrase and how it affects project team attitudes and behaviors. She will also discuss various approaches to team creation and ongoing management while considering the uniqueness of each individual

This Webinar is completed; great job, Meg and Tim!

See the webinar at the IPMA-USA YouTube Channel.

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